Three Staple Styles You Need For Fall

Three Staple Styles You Need For Fall

Three Staple Styles You Need For Fall

It's just starting to feel like sweater weather here in New England, and the change of seasons is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe! Take stock of what you have and what you may need going forward; donate styles that no longer fit or that you haven't worn in ages; figure out which pieces are worn out and need to be replaced - and which you might be missing altogether! Not sure where to start building your fall wardrobe? Here are my top three staple styles you need in your closet - like, yesterday!

First, your everyday denim. Every woman should have that go-to pair of jeans that looks just as good as it feels! I see so many woman wearing ill-fitting, stretched out, and out of style jeans! Bad jeans feel uncomfortable,  make your outfit dated, and make your bod look bad! Great fitting, great-feeling jeans are essential! And, ladies, most of our denim retails between $65 and $95. There is no excuse to be wearing raggedy, ill-fitting jeans. One excuse I hear time and time again when I'm styling a client is: "I’m waiting until I lose more weight." This is not a thing. If you care enough about your body to work on your health and fitness, dress like you care about the body you have right now – not the body you’re going to have in 3-6 months. Reward yourself for the hard work in the gym with a new pair of denim. You can get away with a slightly too-big top, but not jeans! Trust me, your butt will thank you!

The two staple denim styles we absolutely LOVE are our Get High and Stay High! We recommend these jeans to everyone who walks in the door! They’re super-high-waisted (acting like your favorite trusty Spanx!), plus they’re crazy-soft and comfy like your fave yoga leggings, and they have a great ankle crop fit with a perky pocket that make your butt look bangin!

Get High is our petite ankle crop, with a 26” inseam – this is perfect if you’re 5’4” or under because they are going to give you a nice fitted ankle grazing look – without all the crazy puddling that will happen on petite woman with longer inseam denim.

For taller girls, we have the Stay High – this has the same awesome fit, the same high 11” rise as the get high, but it has a 28” inseam. This means the leg is going to be a little longer, to give a taller girl a great ankle cropped fit.

You can dress these jeans up with a great statement sleeve top or wear them casual with a tee shirt and hoodie or army jacket. And these jeans both look great with heels, high boots, over the knee boots, and everybody’s favorite, ankle booties!

Which brings me to me next style staple, the LBB! You’ve heard of Little Black Dress, right? Well, Little Black Booties, or LBB’s, are the classic, chic, go-everywhere style - like the Little Black Dress, but for your feet! The LBB is a shoe you should feel comfortable investing a little more in. I would recommend buying leather, as it will break in and wear really beautifully and basically get better and better with seasons to come. If you’re doing your closet edit and you have some black booties but they’re kinda worn out fake suede and they’re by Rocket Dog and you bought them when you were 18 at TJ Maxx – it may be time for an upgrade!

We love the Finn Leather Ankle Bootie we just got in from Chinese Laundry – It has a slightly pointed, almond-shaped toe, a nice solid heel for a little height and stretchy panels, so you can slip in on and off with ease. Again, this is a style that is super-versatile and you can really dress up or down and for under $100, the Finn Bootie is a steal, because you’ll wear this boot with everything from dresses to denim for years to come!

You literally should crawl into a hole and die if you’re trying to get through Fall without a moto jacket. Really. What is your life? Why bother? And I’m like a moto jacket addict. I personally own about twelve motos – I have a floral one, a leopard print one, a bubblegum pink one! But my very favorite moto jacket is this a vintage 80's black leather jacket black with zipper details. I’ve had it for years and years, and it still makes me feel instantly cool and pulled together whenever I put it on. That is what a good moto jacket can do for your life.

I absolutely LOVE this new suede moto jacket we just got in from Blank NYC! They make KILLER moto jackets – The fit is perfect, and they always have great details. If you think this is too edgy for you or you’re too old to pull this off, you’re WRONG! Every woman from nineteen to ninety can (and should!) rock a moto jacket! Throw this rusty red suede jacket on over a tee shirt and jeans and look instantly cool.

So there you have it! Three staple styles you need in your closet! Visit us online or shop our store in downtown New Bedford for more great fashion clothing and accessories to uplevel your closet game!



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