Style Blogger Jen Hsieh Loves Our Get High Skinnies

Style Blogger Jen Hsieh Loves Our Get High Skinnies

Style Blogger Jen Hsieh Loves Our Get High Skinnies

If you're not following @jenifhseih on Insta yet, you seriously need to get on it! Not only does she have the most awesome style, but her captions make us LOL! In a world full of fashion bloggers and influencers wearing and saying the exact same thing, we just think Jen is so cool, real, and refreshing! You can also check out Jen's blog here!

We recently sent Jen a pair of our Get High Skinny Jeans, along with our a Knot Sisters It Ain't Me Tee! Jen was skeptical about the skinnies! She told us she was a 26, so we sent her a 25! When she emailed us to let us know we sent the "wrong size," we were like, TRUST US. These super-stretchy and crazy comfy jeans run a size large. We like for them to fit our customers super-snug, when they first put them on! TRUST: they will stretch to the perfect fit, once they warm up with your body and break in a bit! They are super-flattering and feel like your favorite leggings. The Get High is perfect for petite women! If you're 5'4" or under, these will give you a perfect ankle-length fit! (Try our Stay High, if you're 5'5" or taller.)

Here's what Jen has to say about our Get High Skinnies!

"A few months ago I tried on one of my old pairs of low-waisted jeans and I spent the entire day pulling them up to avoid showing everyone a glimpse of my butt crack. This is why it's absolutely baffling to me that I ever wore "super low rise" jeans back in high school. I remember when it was lame to wear skinny jeans, let alone high-waisted jeans. Combine both of them and you're automatically shunned by your peers (oh, the cruel world of teenagers and puberty)."

"I'm incredibly thankful to the Calico team for hooking me up with my new favorite jeans, which is a very difficult feat to achieve (as all those have hunted for the perfect pair of denim know all too well). I just feel so damn good in them, and self-confidence is really all you need. Gonna go strut my stuff all over the city with these bad boys. Swagger on fleek (as the kids these days would say)."

Have you tried our Get High Skinnies?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Leave us a review on our product page to let us know what you think!


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