Hoops Are The New Choker

Hoops Are The New Choker

Hoops Are The New Choker

Remember last year? When chokers were as ubiquitous as a Kylie Kardashian meme? Well, this season's newest staple accessory is hoops! From celebs like Rihanna to models like Gigi Hadid - everyone and your mom is rockin' hoops! So, if you haven't jumped on the hoop earring bandwagon yet, it's time to give this classic style a fresh spin in your wardrobe rotation!

Here are a few styles to try ASAP!


These 1 1/4" hoops are perfect for everyday wear! We love a simple endless hoop earring, because it's super lightweight and adds a minimal yet polished touch to any look! 


These horn hoops offer just the right amount of visual interest! They have almost a vintage bakelite look and we love the textured setting!



When it comes to hoop earrings, don't be afraid to go big! We love this large hoops with their ultra-thin shape and subtle texture! If an oversized earring freaks you out, the barely-there gauge of these babies keeps the look light yet impactful!



Not one to shy away from a statement? These fur trim hoops are for you! Upgrade your hoop game with fringe, fur, tassels, charms - anything goes!

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